I was responsible for the design of Accenture's internal finance and contract management tools, which help client teams sell and deliver work. Below is a list of all applications and experiences I worked on, along with some examples and process.
Some design specifics are obfuscated due to sensitivity.
MMP: nav, cards, grids
MME: redesign, navigation, user testing and feedback sessions multiple times
MMT: art of the possible through specific design
Team building and team lead activities: creativty workshops, design review, coaching, etc.
MMB: homepage and data vis work, csg board, mmb next art of the possible
Insights and side panel: the design and prototyping
PBI data page for the office thing (the lady who called me a prince)
Enterprise insights: the design of that page
sustainability: research for trip, personas, various ideas; environmental dashboard
Design system: both in XD and in wordpress
metaverse work? (still early)
heuristic reviews (campaign management tool, sustainability site, MMB, icertis)
Product Definition / Problem Framing
heuristic eval, mmt art of the possible... what else?
Research / Analysis
Design and Test
DBS work
- prototypes
- user research from BA
- heuristic eval
- did we do some research with rache?
- design system

1 Pixel
- led team
- creativity workshops
-backlog management
team productivity
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